A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein



Each class has a focused development, but the body is always holistically addressed in any class. ALL CLASSES will have variations for all levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. 


  • Come a few minutes earlier in order to get settled. 

  • Classes will start strictly on time. If you are a little late, enter quietly, and settle into the resting posture before starting. Take a couple of deep breaths, don’t just jump into postures if they have started, rather centre for a few minutes and then start with a new sequence once you are ready. 

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the class space. 

  • Switch off your cellphone. Don’t put them on silent, switch them off or remove them from the classroom. 

  • Please bring your own yoga mat (if you need to arrange a mat while you determine whether you like yoga as a regular practice, please let me know). 

  • Classes are presented in a general manner; at all times pay attention to your body and don’t strain or force anything. 


Your yoga practice is a personal and non-competitive practice. Do the class for yourself and refrain from engaging your fellow students in mindless chatter.


MEET OUR TEACHERS HERE - Read more about their teaching style and see where they spend their time teaching. Yoga instructors usually teach at several locations and have frequently changing schedules.


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