HATHA: The term Hatha in yoga defines all ASANA based yoga. All options listed here, and some that are not, technically falls under the Hatha umbrella.


YANG YOGA is our stronger constant movement based classes.


VINYASA: Refers to asanas connected to breath, and the flowing of posture to posture. Under this label, there are 3 options:

MINDFUL: Slow paced and breath based, focusing on awareness and the meditative qualities of the practice.

OPEN: A general flow class with emphasis on flexibility and strength but with variations and modifications provided for every level.

DYNAMIC: Flows are fast paced and strong, aimed at raising the heartbeat, build heat, and to build a sweat.


YIN: It is important to know that YIN is not a weakened form of YANG, but rather a balance to our usual busy lives and strong practices. It is a slow-paced practice and asanas are held for long periods of time with the aim of deep stretching the fascia (connective tissue), unblocking the meridians, as well as taking care of the joints and bones.

VIN TO YIN: A combination of flow based and still asanas, taking us through the meditative qualities of movement before guiding us deeper into quiet and stillness. A great way to remind ourselves of the balance of things.


ATHLETES’S: Our Athletes's Yoga is specifically geared towards active people who need to physical benefits of a holistic practice. Classes will focus on core, heel and foot strength, as well as stretching deeply into all the muscles of the legs. 


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